5/31 Game Predictions

Sorry about missing the last two days, I was gone for Memorial Day.  Also, I don’t intend on giving reasons why this week because it is finals week at school and I need to take care of that first.  But here’s whom I think will win tonight’s games.

Orioles over Red Sox

Braves over Nationals

Pirates over Marlins

Phillies over Giants

Rangers over Tigers

Mets over Diamondbacks

White Sox over Angels

Astros over Reds

Twins over Indians

Yankees over Royals

Cardinals over Rockies

Padres over Brewers

Athletics over Devil Rays

Mariners over Blue Jays

Dodgers over Cubs

5/28 Game Predictions

Current Record: 86-57

Cubs over Rockies

Yankees over Red Sox

Braves over Phillies

White Sox over Rangers

Giants over Padres

Twins over Blue Jays

Orioles over Tigers

Marlins over Mets

Mariners over Devil Rays

Brewers over Astros

Cleveland over Athletics

Pirates over Reds

Nationals over Cardinals

Diamondbacks over Dodgers

Angels over Royals

5/27 Game Predictions

Current Record: 77-52

Yankees over Red Sox

Indians over Athletics

Twins over Blue Jays

Pirates over Reds

Mariners over Devil Rays

Orioles over Tigers

Mets over Marlins

Braves over Phillies

White Sox over Rangers

Brewers over Astros

Cardinals over Nationals

Dodgers over Diamondbacks

Angels over Royals

Padres over Giants

5/26 Game Predictions

Current Record:  69-49

Devil Rays over Athletics

Tigers over Yankees

Twins over Indians

Mets over Marlins

Orioles over Mariners

Red Sox over Blue Jays

Pirates over Reds

Rangers over Royals

Padres over Diamondbacks

White Sox over Angels

Dodgers over Giants

5/25 Game Predictions

Current Record: 63-42

Yankees over Tigers:  I don’t think any team can stop the Yankees right now.  They are getting it all done, hitting, pitching, and fielding.

Cubs over Astros:  The Cubs will get their first series sweep of the season behind Maddux as the Astros continue to struggle on the road.

Twins over Indians:  The Twins will win tonight easily behind Silva who was masterful in his last start.  Millwood does not get good run support, and he is due for a bad game, and the Twins have the offense to deliver that.

Mets over Braves:  The rookie was great in his first start, so now he is due to get jacked up.  Victor Zambrano goes for the Mets and is going to have a good start for once this season.

Phillies over Marlins:  Al Leiter has been having all kinds of problems this year, and the last thing he needs is to see a team with as much offense as the Phillies.  Randy Wolf goes for the Phillies who has turned his season around after a horrible May.

Mariners over Orioles:  The Orioles will lose today after losing their catcher Javy Lopez.  Jamie Moyer will finally get his win so he can have the record for the most wins in Mariners history.

Red Sox over Blue Jays:  The Red Sox will win after suffering such a tough loss as they did yesterday.  While Lilly pitched well in his last start, he did not face a powerhouse team like the Red Sox.

Devil Rays over Athletics:  The Rays have Kazamir on the mound who finally started pitching to his ability in his last outing.  They should walk away with this one easily, because they play so well at home and the A’s are hardly playing good baseball.

Rangers over Kansas City:  Grienke is on the mound for the Royals and while he is a great pitcher the Royals will not give him enough run support to beat the slugging Rangers.

Cardinals over Pirates:  Both teams have their best starters on the mound, but Mulder has been better thus far this season.  And on top of that, the Cardinals are the best offensive team in baseball, while the Pirates aren’t even close.

White Sox over Angels:  Freddy Garcia seems to have figured something out during his last start pitching seven innings and giving up only one run, unearned.  The Angels counter with Washburn who has been up and down all season long.

Dodgers over Giants:  The Dodgers turn to Alvarez to help them win game number 2 against the Giants.  The Giants will not have such a good starter on the mound in this game and will not be able to win tonight with the long ball.

Padres over Diamondbacks:  This game will be very close, but I think the Padres will continue to ride their hot streak and barely come out with a win in this one.

5/24 Game Predictions

Current Record: 55-35

Yankees over Tigers:  Mussina has found his groove and has lowered his ERA one points over his last three starts.  The Yankees have also been on winning 8 of their last 10.

Indians over Twins:  Westbrook pitched brilliantly in his last start going 8 and 1/3 only surrendering a couple of runs, which were the fault of the relievers in the 9th not him.  The only thing is that the Indians don’t give him any run support, but the way they have been hitting lately they should pull out a win.

Phillies over Marlins:  The Marlins win streak will end tonight as Brett Myers shuts down the Marlins hitters.  Beckett will be on the mound for the Marlins whom gave up 5 runs against the Phillies the last time he saw them.

Orioles over Mariners:  Chen has been masterful this season as the Orioles hitters have stayed out to keep out front in the AL East.  Look for them to beat up on the struggling Mariners who pitch Pineiro who’s ERA is above 6.

Red Sox over Blue Jays:  Wells will bounce back after having a horrible start his last time out, first after coming off the DL.  The Red Sox have been playing well, winning two of three from the Braves.

Nationals over Reds:  Hernandez will pick up his 8th win of the season as the Nationals top the struggling Reds who pitch Claussen who’s ERA is above 4.5.

Athletics over Devil Rays:  Both teams put rookies on the mound, and I believe the A’s will pull this one out, as they are showing signs of coming out of the funk they have been in so far this season.  As long as the Devil Rays can be kept under 4 runs they should win.

Braves over Mets:  Hudson is looking to win number 5 tonight against the Mets.  The Mets counter with Glavine who has yet to pitch to his ability this season.  The Braves have also been hitting well this season and the Braves have done good at home.

Brewers over Rockies:  The Rockies will continue their struggles on the road. as the Brewers look to stay in second place in the NL Central.  Santos is on the mound for the Brewers who has an ERA of under 3 at home.

Astros over Cubs:  The Cubs will not be able to win three games this season because they will be shut down by the Rocket.  They counter with Sergio Metre who’s career MLB era is above 6.

Rangers over Royals:  The Rangers will roll over the Royals with impressive hitting and decent pitching from Ryan Drese, as long as he doesn’t walk to many people.

Pirates over Cardinals:  The Pirates will take number 2 from the Cardinals behind Kip Wells who pitched 8 innings in his last outing giving up only 1 run.  The Cardinals will continue to struggle at home compared to how they play on the road.

Padres over Diamondbacks:  The Padres will continue to play well, even after losing their second basemen.  Russ Ortiz is pitching for the Diamondbacks whom has an ERA of over 5.

White Sox over Angels:  The current White Sox ace faces off against a previous ace.  Both should go deep into the game, but I expect the White Sox to come out on top after being blanked yesterday.  Also, a lot of hitters on the Angels are lefties, an advantage to Buerhle.

Giants over Dodgers:  Jason Schmidt will be dominant in his comeback from the DL.  I expect a lot of strikeouts, and very few runs given up.  The Giants will cruise to an easy victory.

5/23 Game Predictions

Current Record:  50-32

Twins over Indians:  Minnesota is going to have a lot of momentum going after their come from behind win yesterday.  Both teams are throwing starters on the mound who have struggled all year, so in this contest I pick the Twins because they have the better ball club of the two.

Marlins over Phillies:  Willis was bound to lose one game, now he can go right back to dominating hitters, and against the Phillies he has already throw two complete games.  Also, the Marlins are at home, a huge advantage to their pitchers.

Nationals over Reds:  Loaiza is back to his Cy Young runner-up form from two years back.  He will lead the nationals to a win against the Reds who pitch Eric Milton who likes to give up home runs for some reason this year.

Braves over Mets:  The Braves have lost two straight and are looking to turn that around.  Ramirez is on the mound for them and will bounce back from his last start against the Padres.  The Mets pitcher is 0-1 against the Braves in three starts last year with a 9.00 ERA.

Brewers over Rockies:  It’s time for the Rockies to start playing decent teams again away from home.  Capuano will look to continue his success from his last start who only gave up one run in 8 and 1/3 innings.  Hopefully in this game he will come away with the win though.

Cubs over Astros:  The Astros are having a hard enough time winning on the road, and having to put a rookie on the mound against a team who hits almost .300 against first time pitchers just spells bad news for Houston.

Cardinals over Pittsburgh:  The Cards go home to have their ace throw against the hot Pirates but are going to be in a bad mood after being beat down by the Royals.  They will score plenty of runs in tonight’s win.

White Sox over Angels:  The Angels have a rookie on the mound for his second time, his first start was a lose with a 13.50 era.  The Sox counter with Jon Garland the best pitcher in baseball right now who will look to dominate the weakened offense of the Angels.

Reflecting on the Cubs Sox series

Game 1

     The White Sox got ahead early and scored often in this game.  There seemed to be a beam ball competition going on in the first inning, although I don’t believe either hitter was doing it on purpose.  That goes especially for Garcia, whom seemed to be struggling with his control early.  The Cubs found out that the White Sox almost always take advantage of errors, as the first run scored was on a Cubs error.  After the first couple of innings, Garcia began to coast and the Cubs were finished.  I only have one more comment, the pick-off by Damaso Marte was perfect to get Derrick Lee, but it seemed that Konerko was lost on the play.  This is because he caught the ball and took it out of his glove, and then went on to tag out Lee.

Game 2

     This was a great pitching match up in this game.  Both starters did well, Zambrano one hitting the Sox through seven while Contreras only gave up one also in seven.  AJ Pierzynski amazed me with the way he stared down Zambrano, he definitely knows how to play the game.  It wasn’t just the fact that he stared him down, it was who he stared down and what it could cause.  We all know Zambrano is very emotional, and AJ was trying to get in his head, it didn’t work because Zambrano continued to dominate, but it was a good try.  AJ also did a good job at selling the second hit by pitch, which no one really knows if it hit him or not.  I don’t blame Dusty for taking out Zambrano, he had hit 100 pitches and he is coming off a injury.

Game 3

I really wanted the White Sox to win this game and sweep the Cubs, that would be huge for the fan base.  But Prior pitched decently, I do not think he deserved to win though.  McCarthy was excellent in his Major League Debut, and the Sox kept it close.  I can’t say I blame Ozzie for taking him out, because they are trying to save his arm, and the bullpen had been pretty well rested in the series.  While I particularly would not have gone with Vizcaino because it had been struggling this year and it was not a good situation to put him in.  But then again he did use Politte the day before and Takatsu has also struggled this year.  I personally would have went with Marte, whom has pitched excellently in his last couple appearances.  Both teams played well, and the Cubs did good to come back and win this game.

5/22 Game Predictions

Current Record:  41-26

Diamondbacks over Tigers

Marlins over Devil Rays

Blue Jays over Nationals

Yankees over Mets

Indians over Reds

Pirates over Rockies

Phillies over Orioles

Braves over Red Sox

Rangers over Astros

Twins over Brewers

Cardinals over Royals

White Sox over Cubs

Mariners over Padres

Dodgers over Angels

Athletics over Giants

5/21 Game Predictions

Current Record:  30-22

White Sox over Cubs:  While Zambrano may be the ace of the staff for the Cubs, Contreras does lead the league in opponent batting average.  As long as Contreras can control the walks it should be an easy win, yesterday the White Sox showed that they can out hit the Cubs easily.

Yankees over Mets:  The Yankees bats are on fire and Randy Johnson is on the mound with a team he is familiar with, bad news for the Mets for the second day in a row.

Rangers over Houston:  The Astros are still on a road trip and still wont be able to keep up with the Rangers bats.

Blue Jays over Nationals:  Roy Halladay take the mound for the Jays which should be reason enough for a win, but to make it even better the Jays hammered on the Nationals yesterday and should continue to do so today.

Angels over Dodgers:  I don’t think the Dodgers are near as good as they have been playing, and to step up against one of the American Leagues best teams is just bad new for them.  It will be a close game, but I think the Angels will come out on top.

Marlins over Devil Rays:  The Rays play miserably away from home, now they have to face out the strikeout pitcher of AJ Burnett.  The Marlins will also make sure to score plenty of runs against the Devil Rays horrible pitching.

Tigers over Diamondbacks:  The Tigers have their best starter, in terms of ERA on the mound today in Nate Robertson.  They will also come out swinging in today’s game because they lost so miserably yesterday.

Red Sox over Braves:  The Braves have a rookie going on the mound who had a ERA of over 4 in AAA.  Now he will be playing the Red Sox in Fenway, ouch.

Pirates over Rockies:  Oliver Perez will show the stuff he had last year in today’s game as the Pirates and their emerging offense take number two of three.

Orioles over Phillies:  Well, I don’t think that the Orioles are going to lose two games in a row, especially considering their best starter this year Eric Bedard is on the mound for them.

Indians over Reds:  The Indians pitching staff held the Reds to only two runs yesterday, yet that still wasn’t enough for a win.  Sabathia though, maybe able to hold them to fewer then that, as long as he locates his pitches well.

Twins over Brewers:  The Twins have Brad Radke on the mound who has pitched well thus far this year.  He will keep the Brewer down while the Twins hitters tee off on the Brewers pitching.

Cardinals over Royals:  Matt Morris should benefit from the Royals not seeing him often and should be able to shut down their offense.  The Cardinals offense, as always will score plenty of runs.

Athletics over Giants:  Both starters on each team are not quality pitchers to say the least.  So today should be a slug fest, which will lead to an Oakland win who has been swinging the bat better then the Giants.

Mariners over Padres:  The Mariners wont lose two in a row like they did yesterday after nearly being blanked out by Jake Peavy.  They will be patient at the plate to ensure they get plenty of looks at the Padres starter in order to jack him up in the middle innings.